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Turtle Ridge Off Road Park


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Click here to visit the  Badlands Offroad Park Website

Great Park, Campground with water, electric and bathhouse is located at the entrance of the park. Separate fee for camping. There are no trees right now so bring some shade. The orange trail was talk up alot, it was interesting but not extreme for a locked jeep with 35' tires. Still haven't tried the Buzzards Roost or The Red Trail. Our buddy was broke and so we didn't try it. It was fun running the river and going thru the culverts. We didn't find the river the first time we were there but did this year. It was nice and cool down at the river, which was nice since it was about 90 when we were there in August 2007



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Haspin Acres Off Road Park Laurel, Indiana

Visited Haspin Acre's August 2007. It was 110 and dry. We spent two days at a lake in Brooksville, Indiana. When it finally cooled off we wheeled all day. Great trails, off camber, ravines, Didn't make it to the Devils Backbone, but we will be going back next spring when all the clay hills will be slippery and fun. Lockers and winch needed for most of the trails. There was a mud pit we heard was bottomless and two ATV and motocross tracks. Camping is included with the park fee of $15 per person per day. Camping is rustic, no electric or water. Waterspout by the bleachers and a bathhouse. Food served weekends, I'm not sure if it is all year round for the dining. We went during the week and no one else was there. We grabbed one of the shelters and put all our tents on the cement pad. Had a great firepit and we hung a lantern from the roof rafters.



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Jeepfest Pennsylviana Every August
Haven't been there yet but it is on our list. Sounds alot like Cadillac Jeepers Blessing of the Jeeps.



Flat Nasty Off Road Park

We are going to Missouri next fall, this might be one of the parks we are going to.







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